Driving With a Suspended License in Hanover Virginia

Driving in most parts of Hanover, Virginia is essential to living and working in a community with limited public transport. Driving in Hanover without a valid driving license, driving with a suspended or cancelled driving license, or driving in violation of limited driving license is serious. There are numerous situations when your right to drive a vehicle might become suspended or revoked, and in several cases you might not know about the suspension until pulled over by the police.

Vehicle Impoundment

If you were driving with a suspended license in Hanover with a licensed person in the car, the officer may be let that individual to take your car home. If not, he might permit you to contact friend or a family member to come and take the car, if the individual can reach in a reasonable amount of time. In case there is no one available to help you, the officer must impound your car. Holding charges include regular fees for storing that gather until owners are able to regain their automobiles.

Insurance Rates

Insurance firms usually rise the charges for clients with driving violations, mishaps and driving with a suspended license. Most of them dismiss the services for repeat criminals and this is possible to occur in case you are caught driving improperly. It would be hard to get new insurance with this traffic violation history.

Getting your license back

After the suspension is complete, you must take the appropriate steps to get your license back and move forward with your life. There is a fee owed to the Department of Driver Services before you can reclaim your right to drive, but you can pay online or through the mail. The amount of the fee will depend on why your license was under suspension in the first place.

You may face license suspension for a numerous reasons, with drunk driving, speeding, felonies committed with a vehicle, escaping from police and more, but you still have options. By choosing to work with a practiced attorney, you can protect your interests and work to retain your right to drive.

A greater possible problem with being caught driving with a suspended license is the potential for increased suspension time.  Anytime you are sentenced of a moving defilement that happened when your driving rights were already suspended, the DMV will add time to your present suspension.  A first defilement during a period of suspension increases another full year to the end period of your license suspension.  A second violation increases two years, and a third violation will permanently cancel your license.

The length of license suspension or cancellation might depend on the reason for the suspension or cancellation and other reasons. Before your license might be reinstated, you may have to pay a reinstatement fee, pay other fees, or fulfill other conditions. You might not have to pay a reinstatement fee in some cases if your license was suspended or cancelled because you were inept to drive for some reasons.