Emporia Reckless Driving Lawyer

Contrary to normal traffic offences, reckless driving is a criminal offence which can have far-reaching consequences for the life of the convicted person. Trying to represent yourself in an unlicensed case can be risky, but an unscrupulous lawyer can help you better understand your rights and the accusations you face in court. It is more likely that you need a lawyer with a strong background in criminal law, criminal justice and criminal defense.

If you are dealing with reckless driving, you will find the following information extremely helpful, as well as information about your rights and legal options.

Realistically, the state of Virginia allows law enforcement to charge motorists with reckless driving if they feel they are driving too fast for the speed limit and / or the traffic laws and regulations of the Virginia Code. A motorist may be charged with “reckless driving” if he exceeds the speed limit by more than 20 km / h, regardless of the stated speed limits, or if the motorist exceeds the traffic limit in violation of traffic laws or regulations under Code Virginia.

In this case, there will be mitigating factors that the reckless driving advocate in Emporia can use to your advantage. If the allegations are made against you, you should consult Emporia lawyer for reckless driving.

In some courts, those convicted of reckless driving are also allowed to call witnesses. These courts view cases of reckless driving differently and can cast doubt on the apprehending officer’s perception of reckless driving if witnesses provide an alternative version of events.

Choosing a lawyer for Emporia drivers increases your chances of getting an inadmissible driver’s license. Some courts have reduced reckless driving to improper driving, but only reckless driving is considered a traffic violation. Wrong driving is punishable by a fine of up to $500, and $1,000 for improper driving.

First, anyone convicted of reckless driving must pay a minimum $250 fine, and the severity of the penalty depends on the charge and his criminal record. Even after paying off their debts, drivers convicted of reckless driving often struggle to pass background checks, find affordable car insurance, or get a job. Drivers who drive recklessly in advance – up to an event – face a fine of $500 to $1,000 and a possible prison sentence of two to three years. An attorney can help you understand the complex laws of Virginia and ensure that your rights are respected at all times. To discuss your case of reckless driving, contact our law firm now or contact us now.