Henrico Virginia RICO laws

RICO Laws in Henrico Virginia

“RICO” stands for “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act”. Under the RICO laws in Henrico Virginia, the application of RICO has been expanded for further gangs, businesses and even individuals. Racketeering has been derived from the term racket that refers to a well organized criminal activity. Racketeering usually involves organized crimes, however, it can be also applied to a broad spectrum of criminal activities. Money Laundering, Bribery, Loan Sharking, Embezzlement, Drug Trafficking, Counterfeiting, Extortion, Protection Rackets, and Gambling are the illegal activities under the RICO laws in Henrico Virginia, among further criminal activities. A single criminal offense will not be considered as racketeering. Under the RICO laws in Henrico Virginia, racketeering requires a series of a criminal activity, which is commissioned or regulated by an enterprise. Under the Va. Code Section 18.2-512, racketeering is not only a state crime but a federal crime as well. A sequence of racketeering is also extensively defined as requiring minimum two racketeering activity committed within a period of ten years. Under the RICIO laws in Henrico Virginia, it is mandatory that the acts of racketeering are related with each other and contain a significant amount of threat for a continued criminal activity.

Under the RICIO laws in Henrico Virginia, the maximum punishment for racketeering carries a heavy fine and a maximum 20 years of incarceration is federal prison. The RICIO laws in Henrico Virginia, will also require to turn over any unlawful profits made or any other property obtained as a result of racketeering offense. In addition to these penalties, the RICO laws in Henrico Virginia also apply further penalties for any other alleged criminal activity conducted by the same. A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more individuals to conduct an illegal activity. Under the RICO laws in Henrico Virginia, accusation for conspiracy only requires that the alleged indicial had intentions to make an attempt, which if conducted would have satisfied the requirements for the charge of RICO. This means that even if a person or a group may not have actually committed the crime, but only planned to do so, they will still be held accountable for the charge of RICO under the RICO laws in Henrico Virginia. The penalties for the conviction of conspiracy are similar to the penalties for the actual charge of RICO.

In case you become aware that you are being charged for racketeering or you are being investigated for a RICO offense, you must act cautiously while cooperating with the interrogation officers. You must always remember that saying one thing wrong can provide the prosecutor with the opportunity to charge you with racketeering offense. It is highly advisable to contact a well experience criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer experienced in dealing with cases related to the charge of RICO can assist you in making tough but appropriate decision so that you may not become exposed to any further criminal liability.