Richmond Virginia Computer Crimes Laws

A computer crime, also known as a cyber-crime, is typically any high-tech crime which primarily involves the use of a computer, smartphone, tablet or some other digital device. People have now learned to take advantage of such devices negatively upon the immense advancements in technology over the past years and the number of computer crimes in Richmond, Virginia has grown outrageously since then. Consequently, because of the highly alarming frequency of computer crimes, the local, state and federal governments and law enforcement agencies are seeking innovative ways to arrest the computer crime offenders.

Whether the accused individual used the computer to commit theft, fraud, a financial crime, a sex crime, or simply the invasion of someone’s privacy and confidential information, they could suffer significant legal repercussions under Richmond, Virginia criminal law system. Consequently, if you are facing computer crime charges, it is vital to retain an experienced, reliable defense lawyer to make an aggressive representation in your favor and help you contest your computer crime charges with the best possible outcome.

Computer Crimes in Richmond, Virginia

Computer Crimes in Richmond, Virginia include:

  1. Application of a computer device for fraud, e.g. internet scams and credit card fraud
  2. Computer harassment
  3. Copyright infringement
  4. Corporate espionage
  5. Cyberterrorism
  6. Cyberbullying
  7. Embezzlement
  8. Internet sex crimes (ex: child pornography)
  9. Invasion of privacy via the computer
  10. Identity theft
  11. Music or movie piracy
  12. Sexting (use of a cell phone in order to send and receive any explicit nude photos or snapshots of a minor)
  13. Theft via the internet
  14. Trespassing into a network of computers
  15. Trespassing on a computer device

Computer Harassment Statute in Richmond, Virginia

Under Virginia Law Code § 18.2-152.7:1, an individual who performs any one or more of the following listed illegal activities with the primary intention to intimidate, coerce or harass any individual, shall face a Class One misdemeanor charge:

  1. use of lascivious, lewd, obscene, profane, vulgar or indecent language; or
  2. proposes or makes any sort of suggestion of an X-rated, obscene, or explicit nature; or
  3. warns or threatens to do any immoral or illegal activities.

Penalties for a Computer Sex Crime in Richmond, Virginia

Presently, some of the most frequently committed computer crimes are internet sex crimes. If an individual is being investigated for luring a minor, soliciting a minor or doing any crime having nature of sex using a cell phone or internet, then such a person can end up facing substantial tenure in prison along with outrageous fines. The individual could also be needed to register itself as a sex offender in the country of Richmond, VA. Consequently, whether one has committed a computer crime using a social networking platform like Twitter or Facebook, or a chat room, then the government has severe punishment and heavy penalties for sexual predators. You must also know that several times federal and state laws enforcement will pose like a minors on the internet simply to figure out if any adult will attempt to tempt or lure them in, or just ask for some nude pictures or selfies, or request to meet in person in order to engage in any kind of sexual activity.